About Scanada Group

The Scanada Group of Companies is a leading international suppliers of hydraulic jacking equipment and engineering services for vertical slipform and heavy-lift systems.

We house the largest fleet of hydraulic jacks in the world and offer an unparalleled level of experience and expertise, backed by a proven track record of success.

Scanada has the highest level of engineering expertise that comes only with decades of experience, employee retention, the knowledge to manufacture and adapt equipment to specific jobs, and the on-site resource of skilled technician.

The company was founded in 1980, but several of Scanada's current employees, including its founder Thor Vikstrom, were employed by Scanada's predecessor company, Heede International, the company that introduced hydraulic slipform systems and heavy lift climbing jacks to North and South America in the late 1940s.

Scanada's new and innovative methods for applying its equipment led to rapid growth of slipforming and jacking techniques in these markets and subsequent expansion into global markets.

Scanada and success

What matters most to Scanada and its team of dedicated people is what matters most to our clients... success.

We helped shape our industry. We have worked hard to earn the respect of our industry and we are proud of the awards we have been given.

The scope of our work and list of clients worldwide is impressive. It's your job, but when our name is on it we make sure we do ours.

Equipment Fabrication

Scanada is proud to say we produce our own equipment in house.

This gives us complete control of all aspects of the fabrication from steel selection and purchasing to the finish of it’s components in the final stages. Our equipment may look similar to other equipment in the slipform/heavy lift industry however that is where the similarities end.

We have worked hard to produce the worlds most reliable, trouble free jacking systems available which will last a lifetime with minimal upkeep. Our equipment design is based on a lifetime of knowledge from dedicated personnel who strive to improve our products on a continous basis which is part of the secret of our success.

Every CANDU reactor in the world, every coal preparation plant in Alberta and British Columbia since 1981, as well as the hundreds of grain elevators, stacks, towers, bridge columns, and high-rise buildings constructed with SCANADA's expertise are more examples of why SCANADA has earned the respect of the construction industry around the world.


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