Scanada's heavy lifting systems and services provide contractors
with engineered solutions for large scale projects.
Such as bridge lifts, roof lifts, steel storage tank lifts, machinery lifts, chimney flue installations, container crane installations and many others.


Scanada's heavy-lift jacks combine the power of hydraulics with unique gripping devices capable of gripping various medias such as steel bars and post tension strands to enable them to lift, lower, push, or pull almost any size load through any distance.

Standard capacity jacks can be combined and hydraulically connected to meet any lifting or lowering capacity or number of lifting points requirement.


Today many structures and industrial plants are assembled from very large, heavy, prefabricated components. This is often done for economic or technical reasons, or to reduce construction time.

For projects in which conventional lifting equipment such as cranes cannot be used because of excessive weight, space limitations, extreme lifting heights, or the need of multiple lifting points, Scanada's heavy-lift jacking equipment often provides the most effective solution.


The Scanada Tank Jacking method facilitates and simplifies the erection and expansion of steel storage tanks. It can best be described as a "Top Down" method of construction.

Once the foundation and tank bottom plates are installed, tank erection begins with the assembly and welding of the top shell plates and roof. Scanada's tank jacks are then installed along the inside periphery of the tank along with lifting lugs welded to the shell plate at each jack location.

The top ring of shell plates and roof are lifted with the jackes high enough to permit the next ring of tank plates to be installed beneath.

The next ring of shell plates is installed and welded, the jacks and lifting lugs reset to their starting position, and the tank (now two rings high) is lifted again. This process is repeated until the tank is at full height.


- All work is carried out at the ground level for maximum safety. No relocation of access scaffolding is necessary.

- Because the roof is fixed to the top shell plates from the beginning, the entire tank is provided with wind-load stability and weather protection throughout the erection work.

- Weld seams are easily accessible for inspection assuring high quality of construction.


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